School Staff

Ms Karen Stocks – Headteacher

Mr Rob Jones – Deputy Headteacher (ICT Hardware, Assessment & Standards)

  • Mrs Anita Cawte (School Business Manager & SMT)
  • Mrs Anne-Marie Keeling (SIMs Manager, Speech and Language Co-ordinator, Admin Assistant to Inclusion Team & Clerk to Governors)
  • Mrs Gill Moran  (Admin Support Officer)
  • Mrs Jackie Goodship (Admin Support Officer – 3 days)
  • Mrs Laura Phillimore (Finance Assistant – 4 days)


Teacher Support Staff
Mrs Anitha Venugopal  (Maths, Phase leader, SMT & SLE)

Mrs Kathy Knight  (including after school clubs)

Miss Leanne Murphy

Miss Lucy Hunt

Miss Brogan Crockford


Class Teacher Support Staff
Flamingos Miss Emma Thorpe (English) & Mrs Jessica Goldberger (Science)

Mrs Hayley Hussey

Miss Rebecca Hussey

Mrs Wendy Winslade

Miss Sadie Martin

Mrs Bronwen Whitbourn

Pandas Miss Emine Muharrem
Meerkats Miss Helena  Meek (Year Leader & Art)

Year 1

Class Teacher Support Staff
Turtles Miss Rebecca Miller (RE)

Mrs Caroline Churcher

Miss Wendy Watson

Miss Zoe Clarke

Ms Chanelle Hammerton (Maternity)

Mr Luke Preston

Starfish Mrs Catherine Bincham (Year Leader & English) & Mrs Samantha Knight
Seahorse Miss Charlie Reilly (DT & School Council) & Miss Sally Heath (Geography)

Year 2

Class Teacher Support Staff
Emperors Mrs Charlotte Wildey (Music)

Mrs Julie O’Connor

Mrs Jacqui Lancaster

Mrs Sharon Chesters

Mrs Terri Herbert-Wolfe (Including after school clubs)

Miss Gemma Griffiths

Mrs Kirsty Tull

Miss Salma Begum

Mrs Gemma Currie

Rock Hoppers Mr Jake Roberts
Humboldts Miss Jessica Cushman (EMAS & EAL)
2K Mrs Mary Keable (Phase Leader, English Director and SMT)
Maternity (From September) Miss Chanelle Hammerton | Mrs Heather Collins | Mrs Amber Cadwell | Mrs Kirsty Dixon | Miss Samantha Rogers | Mrs Samantha Laban
Cover Teachers Mr Alan Parrott (PE & After school sports clubs), Mrs Helen Pescott
Librarian Mrs Jean Fray

Year 3

Class Teacher Support Staff
3C Miss Josephine Coney (Year leader, Music & Maths)

Mrs Tracey Richards

Mr Rory Davies

Miss Tina Cole

Miss Louise Coyle

Miss Christina Cooper


3S Miss Tilly Stephenson (MFL)
3R Mr Alex Redman (PE)

Year 4

Class Teacher Support Staff
4S Mr James Schillemore (Year Leader & Computing)

Miss Charlotte Smith

Mrs Eve Campbell

Mrs Wendy Scourfield

Miss Laura House

4H Mr Steve Howells (Radio station & School Council)
4A Miss Katie Allan (Geography)

Year 5

Class Teacher Support Staff
5M Miss Teresa Murphy (PSHE & P4C)

Miss Clare Evans

Mrs Gill Heselden

Mrs Kuma Perera

Miss Chloe Sceal

Mrs Maria Smout

 5AW Mrs Clare Armstrong (Year Leader & Art) & Mrs Debbie Weekes (Year Leader & RE)
5P Mr Adam Potter (Geography)

Year 6

Class Teacher Support Staff
6G Mr Brian Green (Year Leader & Science)

Mrs Natalie Lewis

Mrs Karen Bowie

Mrs Kuma Perera

Miss Julie Daly

Miss Chloe Boden


6L Ms Kate Lawrence (English)
6H Mr Alex Hillman (History)
6D Mrs Nicola Brown (MFL) & Mr Alan Parrott (PE)
ECAR & ECAC Teacher Mrs Linda Meggison (English & Maths), Miss Sally Heath (Geography)
Cover Supervisors Miss Kathy Smith, Mrs Hapi Khanom, Mrs Marion Cooper, Mrs Sharon Chesters (1 day), Mrs Caroline Churcher (1 day)


  • Mrs Diane Cook (INCo, SENCo & SMT)
  • Mrs Teresa Campbell (Medicines Manager, Attendance Officer)
  • Mrs Aggie Heather (Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs Bev Tiller (Nurture Room Leader)
  • Miss Chloe Chester (Nurture Room TA)
  • Miss Tanya Cutler (Learning Mentor)
  • Mr Matt Denford (Learning Mentor)
  • Mr Dom Chapman (Learning Mentor)
  • Miss Lindsey Wells (Learning Mentor)
  • Mr Pete Shone
  • Mr Kriss Hamilton
  • Mr Alex Tuck
  • Mr Martin Northern (Web)
  • Mr Lewis Colbourne (1980 -2015)
  • Mrs Mikala Miller (Senior Supervisor)
  • Mrs Val Miller
  • Mrs Glenys Green
  • Miss Kerry McLean
  • Mrs Tracey Richards
  • Miss Lucy Hunt
  • Miss Mel Youseman
  • Mrs Karen Thompson
  • Mrs Barbara Davies
  • Mrs Jenny Kneller
  • Mrs Chris Jarvie
  • Mrs Silvana Branco
  • Miss Brooke Lucas
  • Mrs Tracey Prior
  • Miss Kelly Clarke
  • Mrs Ann Murphy
  • Mrs Lesley Carroll

Our school catering staff are supplied by ISS Education, for further information please click here

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